Off To The Renaissance Fair At Last

I finally went off to the Renaissance Faire! With my dragon cloak complete, all I had to do was find something to complement my cloak. I furiously tossed clothes out of my closet hunting for something that wouldn’t clash with the colors and would look Renaissancy. I tried on this and that and with the help of my hubby ended up going with a crochet dress I had recently acquired. My mom had made it years ago and it had holes in some places (mostly in the back) but the colors were complementary to my cloak so I went with it. Once duly adorned, we were off!

Ren faire Cloak

Lucky for me that this weekend turned out to be one of the cooler ones! Made wearing the cloak bearable 🙂

Ren Faire cloak 2

When I made the cloak, I wanted to make it long and flowing. I also knew the fair was nothing but dirt so I aimed to make it just long enough to reach the tops of my feet. Unfortunately, the front hung all the way to the ground and the back stretched and reached the floor too but not by much. I knew the bottom of the cloak would get dirty but I didn’t mind. What I completely forgot about was all the straw and burs and pricklies that were mixed in with the dirt. I didn’t count on said medley of dirt to be so attracted to that soft, downy yarn I used for the fringe. I stepped out of my car and I swear the fringe of the cloak was like a magnet to every burr, blade of grass, prickly spears and hay for miles around. I didn’t even have to move and I could see all that stuff crawling towards me. I knew I was doomed and I hadn’t even started walking.

Well, I knew it was going to get dirty so I tried not to think about it. The parking lot was the worst of it since that’s where all the weeds and burrs were so I lifted up my cloak and tried to avoid the worst of it. Of course that meant that it all went onto my crochet dress so I tried to ignore that too. Once we got to the main entrance and mostly dirt area of the fair, I dropped the cloak. Who cared if I collected some more straw and what nots? Sadly, I cared. Soon, I realized my snowy and fluffy fringe was acting like a broom and sweeping in all the straw it could find! I looked like I was collecting birds nests at the bottom of cloak! I kept trying to remove the worst of it before birds started nesting in my cloak. My hubby told me to just leave it since it was a lost cause. I tired to ignore it but every so often I still tried to kick the mess off when it became the size of tumbleweeds.

Once I stopped worrying about my fringe, I was having fun. I received a few compliments on my cloak and I think I encouraged some nice ladies to try the crocodile stitch. My next dilemma came when hubby and I wanted to sit down and watch a show. I was all for it until I saw the bails of hay we would have to sit on. No Way! If just standing encouraged all the straw to jump on me, what would happen if I actually sat on it! Hubby suggested I sit on his lap but I knew this couldn’t be a long term solution. For the next show, I just sat on the hay and it wasn’t too bad. It seemed the fringe was the magnet and not the pink yarn so it was easier to pick out.


Bravely sitting on my own and not crushing anybody’s lap.  🙂

One of the best parts of going to the fair is seeing all the gorgeous wares in the shops. I never think to take pictures of the stuff but this time I did. I wanted to have inspiration for all the items I think I can make but never will.

I can crochet it!

One of our favorite parts of the faire is the Joust.



Our champion won! Huzza!

At the end of the day and as we walked back to our car, I took the cloak off and tried to clean it up as much as I could before I accidentally took some nesting critters home. This is what it looked like AFTER I pulled off as much as I could. Some of it has fused with the material.I did manage to get most of the burrs off but I suspect there are still some lurking in there.


It’s part of the cloak now! LOL



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    • Oh my, I made this cloak six years ago! Let me think back… There is no pattern. I just pictured what I wanted and went for it. There was a lot of ripping back when things didn’t work out and I was totally satisfied with it when it was done but i loved it anyway. I basically worked from the bottom up using the crocodile stitch. The width at the bottom was the length I wanted it to be around me. I started decreasing towards the top. The hood was a separate piece. I think I joined it and then crocheted all around it, hood and all, with the blue and white yarn. Looks like I used some kind of scalloped or fan stitch for it. I wouldn’t mind pulling it out and writing a post about it in more detail. I’m sure I can add more details by looking more closely at it to see what I did.


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