Renaissance Faire in My Back Yard!

end of fair

There is a Renaissance Faire that happens in my home city???!!! What???!!! I’ve been trekking all the way to Irwindale (about 40 miles away) to go to the faire and I have one practically in my own back yard! Obviously I have to check it out. It’s called the Koroneburg Old World Renaissance Festival. I already bought tickets for The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, the one I’ve been going to for years. We are still going but if this one is as good, we will be going there from now on.

I must admit that I’d seen this information many years ago but it was before I became a regular attendee to Renaissance Faire. I remember researching it once because I came across something that mentioned it. BUT, it either had already passed or it was closed for renovation or something. I put it out of my mind and completely, and I mean completely forgot about it (my family and friends would not be surprised by this). It was so forgotten that when I came across it recently, it seemed like new information to me. I got so excited about it and then chagrinned because I started to remember that I had looked into it so long ago. In my defense, and as I mentioned, I wasn’t a regular attendee at the time. I was just curious about it so it was easy to discard the information. The one in Irwindale is heavily advertised and I get a barrage of emails so that became our primary location of choice. Honestly, it’s not that far from us but it’s not right in our own back yard for heaven’s sake! The kicker is that many moons ago, my hubby had heard about it too and never thought about it again so I’m not the only one to blame here (ok, no one is blaming anyone :-).

Turns out, it is located in a permanent location and they use the place during the off season for other events like weddings and such. I can’t believe I didn’t remember it! Hopefully their faire is as awesome as the other one because I most definitely will attend the closer one from now on. It opens up so many possibilities. I’ve wanted to take my sisters and friends with me but I don’t think the idea of going to the farther one appeals to them.  It’s even further for them to attend than it is for me but they visit me all the time so they could easily ride with me to this one. I could also go more often because, did I mention?, it’s so close! Of course, it all depends on how good it is. If it’s mediocre, we’re sticking with the one in Irwindale. But I have hope 🙂

And bonus! I now have a little more time to finish my dragon cloak. The nearby faire’s run overlaps slightly with the one in Irwindale and runs a month later so I have an extra month to try to complete it. I’m still attempting to finish it sooner, I’m not slowing down on it, but at least I don’t have to kill myself trying to get it done.

I have my fingers crossed.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire visits of seasons past.


renfair2012 8215

Having fun watching shows.

renfair 2012 2 8231

Pooped out at the end of the day. Do you see my crochet bag? Originally it was meant for an Ipad but it was perfect for the faire.

Ren faire 4.29.12_3

I was a pirate the second time around!

Ren faire 4.29.12_8

Leaving the faire.


2013 stars

Yep, that’s the same dress as before. I can’t buy new every time!

mermaid outfit

This was the second visit.



I think we only went once this year. There’s my bag again, and a repurposed red shirt. Instead of a pirate, I was a wench (I think 🙂


2015 renfair

Leaving the house on our way to the faire (Disregard the cluttered background). Wish I had gotten a better picture of the dress but I was lazy about pictures last year.

And now we’re getting ready for this year! So excited going to the new one!


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