Dragon Cloak coming along

I just spent a wonderful few days in San Diego with my family. We were fortunate enough to be very close to the bay. It rejuvenated my soul. I brought along my dragon cloak (that has been a WIP forever and I’ve been making for the Renaissance Faire) for those down times when everyone just wanted to lounge. I only had the opportunity to pull it out once but it was really nice with the breeze blowing through my hair and my hubby sitting next to me. We even had a few visitors.


They stayed with us awhile 🙂 Do you see the seagull in the background? He joined us too!

ducks widow

They were bold! They tried to go into our room. LOL

Here is proof that my cloak is growing because I don’t always believe it is! Once the duckies were gone, I asked (coerced) my son to walk over to the bay with me and shoot some photos. I knew the bay would make a beautiful backdrop.

dragon cloak_1

dragon cloak

At the moment, it looks more like an afghan so I paired it with the hood which has been done for awhile. It’s not attached yet so it kept falling off my shoulders but you can see I’m pretty close! I want it to reach my feet. Once I get it to the length I want, I will crochet a border all around it in that whitish, bluish yarn. Not sure yet how this will turn out but I am optimistic that I will like the finished product. I’m even more optimistic that I will finish it in time for the fair!



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