Crochet Cell Phone Cases

I make a ton of crocheted pieces but I don’t actually use many of them. I tend to give them away as gifts. I love making beanies but I can’t stand having things on my head. Most of my dolls have been sold or given away. Even the blankets I’ve made have been given away. But one thing I do use religiously is a cell phone case. When I’m at work (after school program) I get many calls or texts from parents so it’s important that I have my cell phone on me at all times. I usually wear shorts or jeans so I have belt loops. When I first started working there, I realized I needed a solution for my phone that would keep it near, keep it safe, and keep it accessible. In the beginning, I bought phone cases that had a clip but they would constantly slip of. I tried putting the phone in my pocket but sometimes I didn’t have pockets or it felt awkward in there. Worst of all was when I would sit on it because I forgot it was there! I decided I could make something that would work much better. I made my own cases with flaps and a button for closure (so the phone wouldn’t slip out) and attached a lobster claw key ring so I could hook it onto my belt loop so it wouldn’t slip off.

lobster-claw-clasp 93000_Split_key_ring

I have made several phone cases over the years in colors that match the colors I wear most often. The kids really like it when I switch them up. They always comment about the cases when they notice I’m using a different one.

Here’s a sampling of some that I have made over the years. My older cases are too small now since phones keep getting bigger! I’m trying to repurpose them for other uses. They’re also starting to show signs of wear so I think it’s time to make up some new ones.

phone cases

My favorites are the black one and the orangie one on the top right. My students tend to favor the rainbow one.


This case is the one I use the most now. It’s made using Tunisian crochet with the tks (Tunisian knit stitch). I seamed it with a single crochet all around but I regretted it after it was completed. I wish I had just whip stitched it. I feel the single crochet added too much bulk. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with it as evidenced by how raggedy it’s gotten from use.

phone case tks


Speaking of raggedy,  I made the one below recently. I needed something new since my other cases were getting so worn. I used it for a little bit but then my niece liked it so I let her have it.


This pink one below turned out to be one of my favorites. Too bad I gave it away 🙂 It was a special request from my sister-in-law for her phablet (you know, one of those phones that has ideas of grandeur and pretends it’s a tablet). Or is it a small tablet pretending to be a phone?) I made it using Tunisian crochet. I did  4 rows of Tunisian simple stitch, 4 rows of Tunisian knit stitch and 4 rows of the simple stitch again. Then I repeated the same pattern for the back. I attached that flap using the knit stitch with decreases on the ends to get that triangle shape. I liked the color a lot. I don’t remember what yarn I used but it was nice. 🙂



A bit of my process:
I approach the cases in a similar way. I either make a large rectangle that I fold down the middle and sew up the sides and then make a flap or some other type of closure or I crochet in the round and sew the bottom closed. I like having my phone lying lengthwise in the case so I make the opening lengthwise. This leaves a larger opening to pull my phone out quickly. They work up quickly and I can use whatever colors and stitches I can come up with.


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