Freebie Friday – Crochet Bunny Square

Oooh!!! I’m so excited about today’s Freebie Friday. I’m always on the look out for super simple crochet projects that my students can try. A friend on Facebook posted a video for making a cute rabbit from a knitted square. I knew right away that a crochet square would work too. If I wanted it to look knitted (I’m a terrible knitter), I could make the square using Tunisian crochet. I couldn’t wait to try it out so I could show my students. The original video can be found here but there are examples of crochet versions too.

Here is my first bunny.

I made the square using 26 single crochets across with 30 rows using an H hook and medium worsted weight acrylic yarn. I originally thought it would be 26 rows because I had 26 stitches but it didn’t  form a square so I kept adding rows until I got a square.

Next, I think I’ll play around with color changes. Mabe half the rows in one color and the rest in a different color? That way the body and the head can be different colors. I also might try stripes for the body.


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