Instagram, Finally!

I love visiting with family. My daughter and sister were over this weekend and my son and his cousin were trying to destroy each other (and possibly my house) with their rough housing between bouts of destruction on their game consoles. They were having fun and exercising at the same time. Win win.

In the meantime, I was talking to my daughter about her Instagram account and how she used it because I wanted to get my account going but hadn’t gotten around to it. I must admit that I am often confused by all that is out there in the social media world. It hasn’t been long since I’ve become somewhat proficient at using Facebook and I’m a recent convert (more like addicted) to Pinterest. Meanwhile, Instagram has totally eluded me even though everyone was telling me I should be using it. I had a Flickr account where I posted my crochet projects (that was hardly getting any notice) so I wondered why I should bother with yet another outlet for pictures. I understood the general idea of Instagram but it seemed so redundant. I did, however, open an account and posted one picture. Then I lost interest and abandoned it. My daughter showed me what she was posting (her beautiful art and wonderful photography) and it inspired me to become more active. She asked (insisted) I show her my  account and she looked at it. As I said, I had one post. She started laughing when she saw I had posted it 32 weeks ago! I never said I knew what I was doing! But I’m always willing to learn. :-).

Mini Me instagraming

That’s me Instagaming and my daughter making sure I knew what I was doing. (The roles were played by Mini Me  and Frankendoll).

I decided I would have a go at it while my kiddo was visiting me so she could save me from myself in this Instagram world. In no time at all, I was posting some images of my crochet projects (mostly dolls) that were on my phone. I already had a few followers (all family members that took pity on me even though I only had one post). I started getting likes right away (from my loyal family 🙂 and I got super excited when I got my first like from a stranger. When I got my second like, my son said I was trending! We all had a good laugh at that but I was super excited. Now I’m posting a little everyday. Social media can be very time consuming and sometimes intimidating. I’m trying to balance it with family, work, blogging, and life 🙂 But I’m happy I finally got on board. I’m finally Instagraming! That’s not a real thing, is it. Heh!

If you’d like to follow me my Instagram name is: yochetcrochet

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