Yarn Shopping Spree!

I was cleaning out my wallet when I found a gift card to Joann’s. I received it for Christmas from a friend. I treat gift cards same as cash and sometimes agonize over how to spend them properly. I have a frugal heart already and when someone gives me a gift card, I want to honor that by spending it as wisely as possible. I went to Joann’s awhile back armed with a 60% off coupon for one regularly priced item and my gift card. Joann’s is very smart. You can’t you use that coupon on sale items and usually what I want is on sale. I did have a coupon for 15% off all purchases but not on door busters. But naturally, what I wanted was a door buster. I walked around looking at things with my 16-year-old son in tow.  He wasn’t rushing me but I knew Joann’s wasn’t his favorite place. I didn’t really want anything specific and the sales and my coupons weren’t in sync to optimize what I did want so I didn’t get anything at all. I forgot about the gift card until I noticed it in my wallet yesterday. I was also thinking about that pretty sweater I posted about recently and how I wanted to get the yarn for it. Now was a good time to get it because of my gift card AND some good coupons. I was going to need 13 skeins of yarn. I had five 60% off coupons and a 20% off any purchase coupon. I was ready!

I went into the store and looked for my yarn. It was not on sale so that meant I could use my coupons. The first problem was that I could only buy five skeins of yarn when I needed 13. I already knew this and was prepared to reprint my coupons two more times and make two more trips to the store before they expired on Sunday. It was inconvenient but doable. The second and bigger problem was that the store didn’t even have all the skeins I needed. One color was completely out and the main color I needed (8 skeins) only had three or  four. The third color was fine. I didn’t want to buy what they had and run the risk that they wouldn’t get more when I needed it so I went on a search for similar yarns. I pulled out my phone and spent a long time looking at yarns and calculating prices based on the coupons I had, whether they were on sale or not and if they carried a similar yarn. I was going a little coo coo but I was having fun. No one was waiting on me and I had all the time in the world to calculate to my heart’s content.

I eventually settled on a compromise between price, available colors and softness of the yarn. The yarn I chose wasn’t as soft as the yarn called for in the pattern but it wasn’t bad. The colors were good and very close to what was needed. The pattern calls for black and two grays. This line only had the black and one gray. I could work with that. I thought might even have a gray I could work with already in my stash but if not, I could make do.

yarn scissors

Soon to be a sweater!

Once the decision was made, I happily trotted to the front to pay for my stash. I came to a halt in front of a sale wall full of scissors.

I have a thing for small scissors. I don’t know why this is. I like the cute little craft scissors you use for cutting small things like thread and yarn.  I don’t NEED more scissors and my frugal side usually stops my urge to buy more cute scissors. But I was in the buying mood already so I pulled out my calculator and assessed how much these small scissors would cost with the sale and my coupon. I justified it by telling myself that I wanted some scissors to cut my hair anyway. I had purchased hair scissors that were terrible. I reasoned with my frugal self that a good pair of cloth scissor would be better on hair than hair cutting scissors, right? And the ones I was looking at were small but not too small for my hair (I don’t have that much hair). And if they didn’t work for my hair, they were small enough to work for yarn! See how it all works out? I nabbed them and continued to the counter.

There is a sense of satisfaction in getting a good deal on things I need (ok, want) and I had a gift card that I felt I used wisely. It was all in a day’s work! But now I still have six (I got a new email alert) 60% off coupons that I can use by the end of the day!


My small collection. The new pair is on the right. I don’t have many because I control myself!

A small sampling of scissors I would love to own below but alas, I stop myself. But then again, I never thought of small scissors as a collection. I’ve only thought of them as useful. A collection doesn’t have to be useful. Oh oh, I might be in trouble here 🙂



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