Freebie Friday – Spiral Crochet Dolls

Although this holiday season has been very busy, I somehow managed to get some crochet done. I worked on small projects I could finish quickly but that still brought me much joy.

I wanted to crochet some gifts for some friends but I needed to whip them up quickly, like due the next day kind of quick! As always when I am in a crunch, I scoured the internet for some speedy ideas. I found these cuties on Pinterest and knew I could make them fast and without a pattern.

Here is the one I made below:

The hat wasn’t exactly right but I liked it anyway.

But I can never leave well enough alone and my head started spinning with the possibilities of making these types of dolls. I’m always on the look-out for an easy and quick project with a large payoff. I’ve been making my square rag dolls at work for my students because they don’t take too long to complete and yet the kids love them. These work up even faster and are adorable. I’m planning on making some for our prize box at work to see if the kids like them. I suspect they will. Below are two I made over the holiday in addition to the snowman above.

Snowman Crochet 2015

My daughter thought the arms were too long on the snowman so I shortened them for this one.

I made the one above in Vegas while visiting family and gave her to my sister-in-law. I was initially making her for my daughter but she said it would be so much better in black and red to match her purse so my sister-in-law was the very happy recipient of my first experiment. The one below was for my daughter in red and black as requested. 🙂

Red.Black small

I made this one at home where I have my buttons. I almost always prefer buttons for eyes. Did I mention I love buttons!

Red.Black small_1

I honestly can’t wait to experiment with this style to see what I can invent using this simple technique. I might try more color-work in the spirals. I’m definitely going to try different hair techniques. Maybe more tiny spirals!

I don’t know if there is an official pattern to the original pictures I found on Pinterest but here’s what I did:

The snowman

I used white yarn, medium worsted, G or H hook

Body/Legs-make two

Chain 30

2 double crochets in the 4th chain from the hook

3 double crochets in each stitch across

In the last stitch, slip stitch and fasten off.

Arms-make two

Chain 25

2 double crochets in the 4th chain from the hook

3 double crochets in each stitch across

In the last stitch, slip stitch and fasten off.

Weave in all ends.

I lined up all 4 spirals with the shorter ones on the outside and I took a long string and embroidery needle and threaded it through the tops of all 4 spirals. I went back and forth a few times. I didn’t over tighten so the top wouldn’t bunch up.

I then worked up the head with the same yarn.


Chain 5, slip stitch closed

Round 1: 8 single crochets in hole

Round 2: 2 single crochets in each stitch around with a total of 16 single crochets

Round 3: 1 single crochet in next stitch, 2 single crochets in next stitch and repeat that pattern all the way around for a total of 24 single crochets

Round 4-7: 1 single crochet in each stitch around

Round 8: 1 decrease, 1 single crochet all the way around for a total of 16 single crochets

Round 9: decrease every stitch for a total of 8 single crochets and fasten off

Make the face with embroidery or buttons and then stuff it. Take the tail and weave it through the opening and close the hole. Attach the head to the body.


Make a long chain to desired length and tie around the neck.


The hat came out pointier than I wanted but the first round had 5 single crochets. The next two to four rounds were regular rounds with no increases. The last round had 3 single crochets in each stitch to make the brim. I put a tiny bit of stuffing in the hat and then sewed it onto the head. I added a string to the hat to make it an ornament.

The girl dolls were made in the same way except for a few minor changes. The arms were shorter. I chained 15 instead of 25. I also changed color in the last three stitches of the chain (the last 9 double crochets were a different color than the rest of the arm). I also used a skin tone color for the head. The final change was adding hair instead of a hat.

If you make any, I would love to see what you create! 🙂



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