Christmas Doll

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the new doll I made but decided I wanted a Christmas theme going. I went through my yarn stash hoping to find something sparkly or shiny in red. I found something shiny and thick in purple instead. It seemed festive so I grabbed it.

Next, I couldn’t decide on how I wanted the hair to look and the more I stared at the unfitted doll, the more I wanted her to have a hat. I made the hat first (before adding hair) and made it poofie. I definitely wanted a pom-pom. That’s what made it festive for me. I wanted to add a white fringe to it that looked fluffy and tried many different yarns. I made and unmade the fringe over and over until I found a yarn I thought worked with the purple yarn, the hat, and the doll. By the time I finished the hat and placed it on the doll, I liked it and now I’m not sure if I want to add hair.


I started on the skirt next. I worked several rows in the back loop to create ribbing. At one end, I wanted a little flair so I did single crochet until I got to the last three stitches. Then I did a half double, and two double crochets. I  made enough rows to go around the dolls waist. When done, I sewed the two ends together. I added a row (may have been two 🙂 of single crochet of the lighter yarn to the waist area of the skirt to tighten it up.


Usually I would start on the shirt part of the dress at this point but I made the sleeves first. I just wasn’t sure what I wanted her top to look like yet so I started on the sleeves. I made two squares of netting in double crochet, skipping a stitch. I sewed up the sides forming a tube. I liked the airy look I got. At the end of the tube, I put two single crochets in each stitch around to create some flaring.


I slipped her sleeves on. She was now wearing a hat, a skirt, and sleeves. Yes, she was topless for a bit! I couldn’t make up my mind on how her shirt should look. I finally decided to make a granny square for her top. I looked up different ones in my books and did a few online searches hoping for inspiration to strike.

I tried different variations. I made and unmade the granny square a few times too. I eventually made one I liked. I was going to make two, one for the front and one for the back but just made one. I attached yarn to the side of the square and made rows of single crochet that went around her torso. I sewed up all sides, including the underside of her sleeves and was finally done!


I’m not sure if I’m completely done yet. I might still add some hair. I’m contemplating a scarf or possibly a cloak. She might even get shoes but I’m not sure yet. One things for sure, I like her 🙂


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