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Freebie Friday – Completed Rag Dolls

I finished my first rag doll at work and it was a huge success. The kids were very curious about what I was making. When I told them, they were all very excited. I told them I was working on something I thought they could all make once they learned the single crochet. I just grabbed some random colors we had in our yarn drawer. Another student was using the tan color so I grabbed yellow because it was lighter than the other colors we had. Another student recommended the blues for the body. What I didn’t realize was that the students would see Spongebob Square Pants and Steve from Minecraft. One kinder kept telling me I should make princess Jasmine from Aladdin because of the light blue I was using. Meanwhile, I was just making something random but it definitely got me thinking about future rag dolls and what characters it easily lends itself too. The doll didn’t take me long to make so the whole project was a winner. I can make them quickly for the prize box, I can teach the kids a project they can finish and it lends itself so easily to characters the kids already love.

WA rag doll_2

Here’s my first attempt. I used very little stuffing which made it soft and cuddly (and also easy to make). A fifth grade student kept telling me he really wanted it. I told him when he made it to the prize box, I would give it to him. I was going to add hair but my student wanted it just like this so no hair :-).

The second one was inspired by my Minecraft loving students 🙂 My daughter, ever the faithful critic, thought the body was too long for the first doll so I shortened it by a few rows for this second doll. Haven’t decided which one I like better. I intended to make Steve’s feet with black or dark grey yarn for his shoes but I forgot so I will probably attach a pair of black shoes after.

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