New crochet doll

Sometimes while at work (after school program), I have a little time to crochet. The kids get a real kick out of seeing me make something and they usually offer all kinds of advice on how the project should go. They almost always want to learn how to do it. It’s a win-win situation because I get to create something while at the same time teaching and entertaining the kids.

I started making a little doll at the end of the last school year and got as far as making the head, body and one leg. I recently pulled it out while taking care of the kinders and it was hysterical how much advice I was getting. This color hair, has to be a boy, has to be a girl, this color clothes, etc. I thought the doll came out a bit funny looking but the kids kept taking it and playing with it. They were all asking if they could keep it or if I could make them one (or a superman doll, a captain america doll or whatever character they happen to like) but I have to tell them I can’t possibly make so many things for so many students but that I can take suggestions and then either put it in the toy box for all of them to play with it or put the finished pieces in our prize box so someone can take it home. With this particular project we decided to put it in the prize box (because they all wanted it and were sure they would get to it first). When done with any project where they had input, the kids absolutely love that they were part of the process. They are very proud that I thought enough of their ideas to actually implement them (my words, not theirs :-)).

WA doll_1

Did I mention it was kinda funny looking?

WA doll_2

But the kids loved it.

I’m glad I finally got to finish the doll so it could stop taunting me every time I pulled out supplies from our craft closet.

It sometimes surprises me who ends up picking the things I make. There are always a few kids who say they can’t wait to go to the prize box to get one of my crocheted items only to get something else when they actually get their turn. And then more surprisingly when someone who showed no interest snatches it up and is all proud they got it. In this doll’s case, a child who I didn’t expect would want it, grabbed it, pulled it out of the baggie I placed it in and started playing with it with a big smile on his face. I think it was a big surprise for him too since I placed it in there a day before he made it to prize box. I can’t remember if he saw me working on it last school year. I know he didn’t see me finally finishing it this year because I worked on it before his regular arrival time at which point I would put it away so I  could get the kids started on homework. It must have appeared as if by magic in the prize box because he seemed so happy to get it. It always makes my heart feel a little warmer whenever the kids truly love something I make (even when I’m not 100% in love with it).

I’ve had a few requests for Hello Kitty purses so I when I get the chance again to work on a crochet project, I think it will be some purses and phone cases. They are easy to make and I can finish them more quickly but maybe I’ll give a go to that Superman request even if it takes me all year :-).

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