Archive | September 20, 2015

Anniversary Weekend

It’s been 22 years of being married and we decided to celebrate in Vegas with some friends of my hubby. They own a timeshare so it was a no-brainer. Our arrival started with an early dinner. His friends told us about a great deal on Groupon for a buffet nearby at Planet Hollywood. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good deal and this was a goooood deal. The food was delicious and we ate ourselves into a stupor. I don’t usually recommend gluttony but did I mention the food is good? It was good.

His friends also bought inexpensive tickets to The Mentalist show at the V theatre. At the discounted price, it was worth checking out so we got tickets too. I’m so glad we did. After our gluttonous dinner, we rolled out of the buffet and headed over to the show which was nearby. The walk did us all some good. The show was fantastic. Continue reading