Crochet Inspiration

I am inspired! I came across these images (general google search) and had to share.

crochet wedges 2 crochet heels crochet shoes crochet shoes2 crochet wedges crochet heels2

I never thought about doing something like this. I need to make me something like this. Not sure how I would even do it. As a crocheter, I would love to think I could do this but I’m not sure I can.

This brought up a memory of a few years ago when one of my fifth grade students was noting my crocheted phone case. I wear one everyday hanging on my belt loop. I was also wearing a knitted sweater that was given to me. It was not handmade. My student remarked that I was all crocheted. I laughed because I really only had one crocheted item on and I didn’t think of my sweater as a crocheted item since it was off the wrack and it was more like knitting to boot but it WAS made of yarn. His simple comment got me thinking though about being totally decked out in crochet. I haven’t much thought about that ‘thought’ in a few years but after seeing all these lovely crochet shoes, it sparked my imagination again. I envision a day (a cool day in winter and not a hot summer day in California :-)) when I will be decked out with everything crochet. A gorgeous beanie on my head, a pretty crochet dress, these newly discovered crochet shoes and accessorized with crochet jewelry and a purse. If it’s really cold, I would have a nice crochet sweater or shawl.

Here’s my dream outfit. This is a dress I’ve been wanting to make for ages. It’s made using the crocodile stitch I love so much. There was a video on how to make it but it was in another language AND it didn’t show all the steps. I used the video to help me figure out how to make a mermaid skirt using the same stitch. It was extremely helpful in that regard. But, I digress. I want to make the dress someday so that’s the dress I will be wearing on my imaginary outfit day. The perfect shoes would be the purple ones on the top left.

Crocodile stitch dresscrocodile dress

I tried finding the video on YouTube but didn’t have much success finding it. I like to give credit whenever possible. The image itself has her information on it but it seems the website doesn’t exist. YouTube has a lot of her videos so maybe I just couldn’t find it but maybe someone else will have better luck.

I think this crochet necklace would would look nice. It’s simple and hopefully won’t compete with my imaginary outfit.


The handbag that would go with my outfit would be this one:

Crochet Purse

The dress is backless so I think a nice rebozo (shawl) would be nice. The one my mother made would be perfect.

mom's shawl_1

Ok. That’s it. No more crochet things. Oh wait! Earrings. Can’t forget the earrings.

crochet earings

NOW that’s it. Of course my imaginary outfit would all match. The colors would all be complimentary. I love the purple of the shoes and the earrings so that would be the color scheme. I can see it in my minds eye already. It will be glorious.

Except for the rebozo, all the images were found doing a google search.

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