Frozen Anna crochet Doll completed

Completed Anna Frozen

I’m so happy she’s done. My favorite part of the whole process is searching in my stash for just the right yarns in just the right colors. I feel a sense of victory when I don’t have to run out and buy more yarn. With yarns and hooks in hand, I started on my adventure.

Anna’s outfit turned out to be more complicated than I expected. I started with her bodice and worked my way around her torso. The gold edging came next. The dress has a lot of design on it and deciding what to include and how to go about representing the artwork on her dress took me a few days of pondering. I went for a little embroidery on her top to represent the flowers and stems.

Completed Anna Frozen_3

I kept her skirt simple by doing single crochet in the round. I found the perfect color in a spool of thin, nylon like yarn I inherited from my mom. It gave the skirt a nice texture. Her skirt has beautiful and intricate designs. My version of it is a little less so :-). In fact, I opted to leave the design off the dress…for now. I may change my mind later :-). Did I mention that embroidery isn’t my forte? Anyway, I think it still looks like Anna’s dress.

I took me awhile to decide if I wanted to make her cape. I went for it. I had the perfect color in my stash but it was a yarn that was more like thread so I opted to use two strands to thicken it up. Her cape looks like it’s two separate pieces (three really but who’s counting). The long cape part needed to move independently from the caplet part. This would give the ability to be thrown back or worn over the shoulders while the caplet remained in place. It took me about four tries to get it right but it finally fell together. I was pretty happy with it although next time I might try three strands instead of two.

Lastly, I needed to find a clasp for the cape. I almost used a button but that just wasn’t right. I knew I didn’t have a leaf clasp like Anna has but I thought I could do better than a button. I went hunting in my box of miscellaneous beads and clasps I have and just couldn’t find anything. I went online looking for what was available to purchase and became a little obsessed with finding the perfect clasps (this reminded me of my button obsession LOL). I tamed the beast and went hunting through my jewelry box instead and found some watch bands I was probably never going to use. All I needed was the clasp part of it. I destroyed the watch band but ended up with a very usable clasp :-). Unfortunately, now I want to buy little clasps for future cloaks but now that this cloak is done I can be more rational about :-).

Completed Anna Frozen_1

Cloak worn over her shoulders.

Completed Anna Frozen_2

Cloak thrown back.

Completed Anna Frozen_7

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this doll.

Anna and Elsa together at last. I definitely see the resemblance :-)

Anna and Elsa together at last. I definitely see the resemblance 🙂


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