Doggie Crochet Sweater

I’m so glad I’m steadily crossing off projects from my to-do list.  I just finished that doggie sweater I promised my daughter ages ago. It’s the first one I’ve ever made and I used one of her doggie’s favorite sweaters as a guide. I started and ripped back about five different times. I tried different ways to make it work until I arrived at something I thought might work. I’m not very happy with the end result. It came out a little off but I guess that’s to be expected on a first attempt (although I’m not sure I’m going for a second attempt). I’ll probably try a pattern next time (if there is a next time). It came out a little bulkier than I had hoped. We tried it on her pup and at first he seemed reluctant to move. I think it was too heavy. Eventually he seemed comfortable moving around in it.

Gadget sweater

Gadget sweater_1


She says he’s always cold and it’s definitely a warm sweater. She seemed to like it. We’ll see if he likes it after trying it out for a bit. I told her that if he didn’t end up liking it, I’ll turn the sweater into a doll. I’m already thinking up ways to add arms, legs, and a head. 🙂

If I do make another one, I need to make a few adjustments. The middle part of the chest area needs fewer rows. The length of the back area behind the the neck needs to be shorter and I definitely need to use a thinner yarn that drapes better. For this sweater, I was just trying to work out the mechanics of it. In future sweaters (if there are any), I would like to try different designs and color combinations. Well, I guess it sounds like I’m going to try it again. I hate feeling like the project was a fail. The only way to get rid of that feeling is to make one that turns out right. Her dog is going to end up with 50 sweaters. LOL!

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