Viva Las Vegas

I was able to travel to Vegas with my hubby for a few days on his business trip. The stars must have aligned because I don’t normally get to go.  Work schedules always work against us but this trip was during our Spring Break so I was Vegas bound. As a bonus, I scheduled in a visit with the in-laws so I could deliver the twin crochet babies I promised my mom-in-law.

twin babies_1


I could have mailed them but it was so much more rewarding to hand deliver them to her. I’m always a little nervous when I custom make something for someone and give it to them for the first time. Happily, she loved them and her reaction was worth the stop over. It’s always nice seeing family so I’m really glad we went.

On this trip, we went see the Michael Jackson One Cirque show. The Cirque shows never cease to amaze me and this one was no exception. It was fantastic and so much fun.


Although we did a lot of fun things, I think I got the most kick out of going into the Bass Pro Shop. It was connected to the hotel/casino where we were staying and I just had to go in there. My hubby and I aren’t the target audience for that place but that store is amazing! It’s almost like a museum. The place is huge. The first thing we saw was this indoor waterfall. It had live animals which I totally did not expect.


They had fish, turtles, ducks and this large, prehistoric looking creature that I have no idea what it was. It was aquatic though 🙂 You can see the the casino in the background.

And the candy! I’m usually the one looking at my hubby with a raised eyebrow when he wants to buy more candy but this time I was right there with him. It was vacation time, right? I heard somewhere credible that calories don’t count when you are on vacation. So we stocked up!


This is what we still have left. The green apple licorice is long gone 🙂

We played in the display boats that we hope to own someday (in our dreams anyway, since neither of us has ever driven a boat or would know what to do with one :-). We took selfies with the animal displays.


These were the first animal displays we played with.


The lion sculptures were awesome!


Selfie with a lion stalking me!


Hubby taking a photo of me taking a selfie. He didn’t understand why I was taking a selfie when he was right there to take it for me.

Yoli and Lion

I think there is something behind me!

On the way out with all our loot (candy and sodas) we couldn’t resist nabbing these:


I can’t wait to pull them out our next party.

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