Second Crocheted Minecraft Steve Doll

I finally finished the second Minecraft Steve Doll. I made a few changes on this doll from the first one that made it easier to put together. With the first doll, I started with one large panel for the head and one large panel for the body. I crocheted in the front or back post to create edges where I wanted them. But then, for the arms and legs, I had the bright idea to make a panel for each side. At the time, I was thinking that it might create a better edge. However, I ended up having to sew up so many sides I was going cross-eyed. I also didn’t use the best sewing technique I could have to get better edges. For the first one I seamed with a whipstitch. On this one I used something different. I’m not sure what it’s called (I searched the internet with no results to my utter frustration). I also made the arms less wide than that first doll. The end result of that first doll was good but I think this second doll was better.

Here are all the panels I made for this doll.

This is the head in all it’s glory.

steve arm panel smaller

This will soon be an arm.

panel torso steve smaller

This is going to be the upper body.

Legs steve panel smaller

The future legs. The grey section will be the shoes.

After all the panels were made came the sewing and stuffing. Here is what the second doll looked like.

Minecraft steve doll 2_ 72 Minecraft steve doll 2_ 72_2 Minecraft steve doll 2_ 72_1

Here’s the first one again for comparison. The top one is less rounded and more true to the character.


What I might do differently for the next one would be to make the upper body panel and the lower body one panel instead of two to reduce the amount of sewing I have to do even more. I’ve been giving it some thought as to how to do that and still have the separate legs. I have a few solutions I can try but think I’ve got it solved with one in particular. When I have it exactly how I want I’ll probably work up a pattern. I just have to find the name for the sewing technique!


8 thoughts on “Second Crocheted Minecraft Steve Doll

    • Not yet. I got caught up with projects at work that I didn’t revisit the Steve doll. I will post due a post on the process I did to make him. I think that will be enough for folks to be able to make one. Then I will work on an actual pattern.


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