Archive | December 27, 2014

Minecraft Steve Doll

I tend to make a lot of girl  stuff when I crochet. I make pretty girl dolls, pretty girl purses, pretty girl hats. You get the idea. Unless someone asks me to make something specifically masculine like say, my husband or son, then whatever I make is going to be girly. That’s why I decided to make some ‘boy’ things when I knew I was going to do a craft fair at the elementary school where I work. I already had the girly, pretty items and needed some things the boys would like. That’s when the idea for creating Minecraft items was born. I run an after school program and the boys (and the girls too) are heavily into Minecraft, so I shifted into high gear (naturally, I waited until the last second to start crocheting these items) to produce something I thought they would like. I managed to make three beanies (a picture of the beanie is in the previous post) and one doll. The doll was a big hit. I found out from the children that the character I recreated was called Steve. I just copied the character from pictures of the game and had no idea what it was called. When the kids picked it up, they would excitedly tell their parents it was Steve from Minecraft. I then pretended I knew that all along :-). That doll sold and now I’m making another for a family member who wanted it also. Of course, I didn’t write down what I did. Luckily, I took a picture of it so I can sort of, kind of, figure out what I did to make it again.


My first attempt at a Minecraft Doll. I am pretty happy with it.

Now that I’ve done it once, I know what I found difficult and what I would do differently. For example, when I started this one, I planned to create the straight edges by making rows and crocheting in the back post when ever I needed an edge. I did that with the head and the body. By the time I was ready for the arms and pants, I got the bright idea to do panels and sew the hard edges together. I ended up with so much sewing, I instantly regretted doing it that way but I was stuck so I finished the same way. In the end, I was happy with the results but I think the new one is coming out better. My next post will be about my process for making the new and improved Minecraft doll (without all the extra sewing)!