Superman Beanie

I’m so excited! I just sold a beanie to someone I met at a craft fair where I had a booth selling my crochet. The person bought a Minecraft beanie I had made.

steve mine craft beani 72 dpi

This is like the hat that sold.

He asked if I could make one with superman as the theme. I told him I was up to the challenge and I went for it. He showed me an illustration that looked very simple to duplicate. I delivered it today and he loved it.  Here’s what it looked like.


This is the actual hat I delivered today.


A side view that shows the color work.

Instead of crocheting in the round for these hats, I opted to crochet in rows since I wanted the ‘hair’ to go down the sides of the face in graduated steps. I did my increase rows in the same way I would as if crocheting in the round, top down.

I started with the darker yarn, made a chain and made 8 single crochet. The Next row had an increase in each stitch for a total of 16 single crochet. The next row had an increase in every other stitch and the next row every third stitch and so on. I continued the increase rows until I had the size I wanted for the width of the person’s head. In this case I increased until I had 72 stitches. After the last increase row, I may add more rows in the dark color but with no increases until I had the length I needed of the dark color.

I then proceeded to do my color work with the dark and light yarn (there were no more increase rows at that point).

When done with the color work, I seemed up the back of the hats and crocheted in the round with the other colors. The last row was done with reverse single crochet. I like that stitch as an edging for hats so I use it a lot. On the Minecraft hat, I embroidered the face and did a chain along the sides of the face to give it an edge (Minecraft characters have box-shaped heads). On the superman hat, I embroidered the black curl and the mouth. I used black buttons for the eyes (gleaned from my huge stash 🙂 ).  And voilá, I was done!

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